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Resources for  Survivors 

The majority of the resources on this page were provided by Survivor Jennifer Roeder. She offers them as a way for you to understand you are not alone and that there is hope. We are always looking for additional resources for survivors. If you have found any that are particularly helpful, please contact us at and we will share them here. 

Anti-Trafficking Books


1.  Invading the Darkness, by Linda Smith


2.  A Way Out, From Darkness to Light, by Survivors of Sex Trafficking


3.  The Realities of Human Trafficking, by Ruth Rondon


4.  Renting Lacy, by Linda Smith


5.  And He Called Me Angel, by Angel Meyers


6.  The White Umbrella, by Mary Bowley


7.  The Pursuit of Love, by Rebecca Bender


8.  Free Cyntoia, by Cyntoia Brown-Long


9.  Leaving The Life, by Jessa Dillow Crisp


10.  From Trafficked to Treasured, by Kelly Patterson


11.  When Angels Fight, by Leslie King


12.  What They Couldn't Take, A Memoir of Survival from Familial Sex Trafficking, by Adira James


13.  The Long Shadow of Darkness: A Season of Remembering and Healing, by Jody and Vicki Dalia


14.  God in a Brothel: And Undercover Journey Into Sex Trafficking and Rescue, by Daniel Walker

15. What Happened to Me?: Healing for Sex Trafficking Survivors by Toni McKinley

16. My Name is Mila: My Story of Surviving Familial Sex Trafficking by Mila Brown

Books on Sexual Abuse/Incest

1.  Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Karen Duncan


2.  Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook, by Erika Shershun


3.  The Courage to Heal, by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass


4.  Secret Survivors: Uncovering Incest and it's After Effects, by E. Sue Bloom


5.   Silently Seduced: When Parents Make their Children Partners, by Kenneth Adams


6. The Emotional Incest Syndrome, by Patricia Love


7.  Reach for the Rainbow; Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, by Lynne Finney


8.  Voices in the Night, Toni McNaron


9.  Switching Time, by Richard Baer


10.  When Rabbit Howls, by Truddi Chase


11.  A Fractured Mind, by Robert Oxnam


12.  The Dissociative Disorder Sourcebook, by Deborah Bray Bray Haddock


13.  Finding Angela Shelton, by Angela Shelton


14.  Miss America by Day, by Marilyn Van Derbur


15.  Traumatic Stress, by Bessel Van Der Kolk


16.  In an Unspoken Voice, by Peter Levine


17.  The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel Van Der Kolk


18.  The Best Kept Secret, by Florence Rush


19.  Repressed Memories, by Renee Fredrickson


20.  Victims No Longer (for male survivors), by Mike Lew


21. Beyond Surviving, by Rachel Grant


22.  Daybreak: Daily Meditations, by Maureen Brady


23.  Above His Shoulders, by Dan Williams


24.  Will and Testament, by Vigdis Hjorth


25.  Surviving with Serenity Daily Meditations, by T. Thomas


26.  PTSD: Time to Heal, by Cathy O'Brien


27.  Father-Daughter Incest, by Judith Herman


28.  Reclaiming Our Days, by Helena See


29.  Trauma and Recovery, by Judith Herman


30. The Rescued Soul, by Christina Enevoldsen


31.  The Betrayal Bond, by Patrick Carnes


32.  Healing the Incest Wound, by Christine Courtois


33.  The Apology, by Eve Ensler


34.  The Obsidian Mirror, by Louise Wisechild


35.  The History of Childhood, by Lloyd Demause


36.  Pia Mellody's Books (Facing Codependence; Breaking Free, etc.)


Christian Books re: Childhood Sexual Abuse


1.  On The Threshold of Hope, by Diane Langberg (also has a workbook to go along with this)


2. The Wounded Heart, by Dan Allender (also has a workbook to go with it)


3. Healing the Wounded Heart, by Dan Allender (also has a workbook)


4. Rid of My Disgrace, by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb


5. Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse: A Sensitive, Biblical Guide for Counselors, by Lynn Heitritter


6. In the Aftermath: Past the Pain of Childhood, by Beverly Moore


7. Sexual Abuse: Beauty for Ashes, by Robert Kelleman


8. Incest Repressed: Faith and Healing, by Ann B.


9. Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse, by Diane Langberg


10. Door of Hope: Recognizing and Resolving the Pain of Your Past, by Jan Frank


11. No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction, by Marnie Ferree (For those who were sexually abused as children and act it out as adults.)


12. The Long Journey Home: Understanding and Ministering to the Sexually Abused, by Andrew Schmutzer


13. Hush: Moving from Silence to Healing After Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Nicole Bromley


14. Beauty for Ashes, by Joyce Meyer


15. Beyond Our Control: Restructering Your Life after Sexual Assault, by Leila Sommerfeld


16. Breathe: Finding Freedom to Thrive after Sexual Abuse, by Nicole Bromley


17. Soar (Workbook to Breathe and Hush), by Nicole Bromley


18. Shelter in the Storm, by Cynthia Kubetin


19.  Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys , by Diane Langberg


20.  Restoring the Shattered Self, by Heather Gingrich


21.  Soaring Above the Ashes, by Emily Samuelson


22.  Broken to Whole, by Seneca Schurbon


23.  Treasure in the Ashes, by Sue Nicewander


24.  Sexual Abuse: Healing Steps for Victims, by David Powlison


25.  Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse, by Jennifer Greenberg


26.  We Too, by Mary DeMuth


27.  Renee Pitelli's Books (Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse; The Christian's Guide to No Contact; Forgiveness, Not Necessarily What You Think, etc.)


28.  Healing the Wounds of Trauma, by Dana Erganbright


Jennifer Roeder, B.A. in Humanities, Mother, Researcher, Companion Caregiver, Survivor Mentor & Consultant, Survivor of Familial Trafficking

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