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Resources for  Survivors 

Websites for Survivors

Websites for Survivors by Survivors

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National Survivor Network also includes a NSN Training Institute

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Survivor Alliance

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Elevate Academy Online Education

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Ending the Game - Coercion Resiliency Curriculum

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Survivors Against Familial Exploitation

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She Has A Name Educational Opportunities

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You are More Than

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Restoring Ivy

The majority of the resources that follow were provided by one of our Survivor Advisors, Jennifer. She offers them as a way for you to understand you are not alone and that there is hope. We are always looking for additional resources for survivors. If you have found any that are particularly helpful, please contact us at and we will share them here. 

Books That Help Understand and Heal


1.  Invading the Darkness, by Linda Smith


2.  A Way Out, From Darkness to Light, by Survivors of Sex Trafficking


3.  The Realities of Human Trafficking, by Ruth Rondon


4.  Renting Lacy, by Linda Smith


5.  And He Called Me Angel, by Angel Meyers


6.  The White Umbrella, by Mary Bowley


7.  In Pursuit of Love, by Rebecca Bender


8.  Free Cyntoia, by Cyntoia Brown-Long


9.  Leaving The Life, by Jessa Dillow Crisp


10.  From Trafficked to Treasured, by Kelly Patterson


11.  When Angels Fight, by Leslie King


12.  What They Couldn't Take, A Memoir of Survival from Familial Sex Trafficking, by Adira James

13. What Happened to Me?: Healing for Sex Trafficking Survivors, by Toni McKinley

14. My Name is Mila: My Story of Surviving Familial Sex Trafficking, by Mila Brown


15.  Traumatic Stress, by Bessel Van Der Kolk

16.  The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel Van Der Kolk

17.  Victims No Longer (for male survivors), by Mike Lew

18. The Slave Across the Street, by Theresa Flores


Faith-Based Books re: Childhood Sexual Abuse


1.  On The Threshold of Hope, by Diane Langberg (also has a workbook to go along with this)


2. Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse, by Diane Langberg


3.  Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys , by Diane Langberg


4.  Renee Pitelli's Books (Breaking the Bonds of Adult Child Abuse; The Christian's Guide to No Contact; Forgiveness, Not Necessarily What You Think, etc.)


For these and additional readings, please click here

Jennifer. B.A. in Humanities, Mother, Researcher, Companion Caregiver, Survivor Mentor & Consultant, Survivor of Familial Trafficking

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