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Be A Safe Person

Survivors of human trafficking, particularly those that were trafficked as children, often say that if they had a “safe person” or “trusted adult” in their life, they might have gotten out of it sooner. Community members often ask “What can I do?” This campaign puts those two thoughts together and asks that one simply be a safe person for someone that needs them. How do I do that you might ask? There are many resources below to help you be that person simply by listening, believing and providing additional resources depending on the situation. Whether you are a parent, a coach, a teacher, a parishioner or any other community member that interacts with children, you can be that safe person!!

Our hope is that you will share the messages at on your social media. A suggested sequence of the posts with additional text suggestions is available here. We suggest either posting in a series over 5 days during a week or pushing them all out as a blitz but no matter how you do it, we are grateful for your help!

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Special thanks to the team for their help! They have been instrumental in this campaign from start to finish! 

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See NCMEC NetSmartzKids Resources for more resources

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See Monique Burr Foundation for Children for more resources for safe adults and children. You will find Safety Rules, How to Discuss Sensitive Topics, Identifying Abuse and Digital Safety

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