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News: Myths about Human Trafficking

Many people believe that human trafficking is something that only happens overseas, that the white van driving around the mall is looking to kidnap the next human trafficking victim, that all those victims are female and that human trafficking only involves sex trafficking. These and so many more myths make it difficult to truly fight the crime of human trafficking. It does happen overseas but in rural Ohio, it is more likely to be someone the person knows.


Most trafficking victims are not kidnapped but groomed by those close contacts or contacts with which they willingly engage over the internet. While sex trafficking is prevalent in Ohio as the primary means, labor trafficking and domestic servitude also are found. And the victims are not always girls and women but men and boys as well.  Recently social media has exploded with untrue stories regarding human trafficking. These stories are spread by well-meaning individuals that are not aware they are false or misleading. To see more on these visit 


For more information, please visit: 

Polaris Project 

The Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Initiative 

Dept of Homeland Security Blue Campaign 

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